Thursday, April 15, 2010

Potty Training

We have been sitting on the potty for a week now. He hasn't done anything but he's really eager to Sit and never fights me on it. So I decided to keep it up and see how far we get. Well we were in Walmart and Jacob said he had to go potty so We all went in the stall together and When Jacob finished Ben said My turn so I took his pull up off which was surprisingly dry and put him on the potty and he went. I was so excited I told him what a great job and what a big Boy he was. So he looked down and realized he was peeing and looked at me and looked down a again and then looked at me like "Oh that's what that's for" He was so cute and proud of himself. I had to laugh at him. I hoping he's going to be an easy potty trainer. Hailey was so hard and Jacob wasn't exactly easy I think I deserve an easy go of it this time.

The funny thing is I remember when Jacob had that experience. We had just gotten out of the pool and I had taken his swim diaper off and he was standing there naked and he started peeing, he looked down, then looked down and gave me that same "Oh that's what that's for" look.

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Anonymous said...

love to just put enough in him to cum and watch it drip out