Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Pageant cast members

Hailey loved that everyone kept asking her why she was wearing such a pretty dress. She Just kept telling everyone proudly that she was getting baptized. Jacob took a liking to this pretty sister missionary. He likes girls, and she he loves to take pictures with my camera.

In one of the rooms in the visitors center they had cast members from the Easter pageant that the kids could meet. The kids got so excited and begged me to stand in line so we did. We stood in line for like 15 minutes. And I chuckled to my self that when there were lines at Disney world to see a character the kids would not want to wait in line, but when they had to stand in line to get to see the characters from the Easter Pageant they were all for that. At least they have there priorities right.
Yes I know my little white trash Baby has his PJ's on, but 1 I had his clothes in the car and I was planning on putting them on him before we went to dinner, and 2 he wouldn't stand with any of the characters at Disney world so I never thought he would want to be in the picture. But sure enough he jumped out of the stroller and Ran over to be with "Bubbi & Sissy"

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