Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sam's Birthday--Zoo

We all went to the Zoo for Sam's birthday. We had a church activity So we had to meet them there.

Grandma & Pappy with Sam, John, & Valerie Before we got there.

We had just got there and Ben was already annoyed with being in his stroller.

So I let him out to hold hands with Gaga as he calls her. and then to hang out with his Hailey.

The 4 cuteset Kids in the world

Hailey and I were the only ones that could figure out how to milk the fake cow. The littler kids were not happy.

We were trying to get a picture of the 4 kids on the tractor for pappy, It didn't work out quite like we planned.

Petting the goats.

Valerie and Jacob weren't getting along so well at that moment and were fighting over the same goat and Jacob was Mad because she wanted to comb his goat and Valerie was mad because he wouldn't share so she hit him with a comb. We rand into Hailey's friend RJ from school and they spent some time together petting a goat.

Ben was so ready for a nap by this point so he wondered around petting random goats but not staying to still.

They have a cool playground we let the kids play for a little while, while we sat and took a rest. The kids love the park and this is a super fun one with fun stuff.

What a cute Baby.

Everyone loves a slide.

Dad and Ryan took a little rest/Nap while the kids played, then we got snow cones. While we were eating them this Peacock came up to us I think he wanted our snow cones. My kids wanted to pet it but when I explained they can be very mean they changed their minds.

Cute funny kids

I really wanted a picture of the 4 kids in this kangaroo but this was the best we got. Can you tell what color Snow cone Jacob had?
The kids thought the Gila Monsters were very cool.

Hailey wanted to take this little Wallaby home, she thought he would make a good pet.

Like always they were fighting over who got to be in the turtle Shell. Ben loves Elephants for some reason I think she was his favorite

The orangutans with their Babies were so cute. Pappy pushing one of my monkeys in the stroller. I haven't been able to convince her she's to big for it.

We were pooped by this point. Ryan in his natural habitat on his phone. =)

My hot hubby. I sat down jokingly in the stroller and Pappy started pushing so I took the free ride, and then the kids started fighting on who got to sit in my lap.

We promised the kids if they were good they could ride the caresoul on the way out. And since Sam and I both get motion sickness from stuff like that Grandma Carol got elected to ride it with them.

My silly Jacob refuses to ride on an animal, he will only ride on the seat. But he loves it.

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