Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing front tooth

Hailey's front tooth was super loose and wiggly. But No matter how hard she wiggled she couldn't get it out. I feel her pain because mine were always like that, I don't remember how many but I felt like I had to have all my baby teeth pulled.

We were getting ready to go to Piano lessons and Sam had been nice enough to come over and sit with a sleeping Ben, Hay and Jacob were playing out side and Hailey went to jump on the swing on her stomach and she some how missed, and fell on the ground and then the swing swung back and hit her right in the mouth. There was a ton of blood. She had put her bottom tooth through her lip. Once I got that cleaned up I realized the swing had also hit her in the loose tooth and jammed it into her gums, the gums around it were bleeding and turning black where the blood was pooling. After a very heated debate with Sam, & Ryan and me I called Myrna and we decided it would be best to bring her in to be on the safe side. Well Dr. Erskine decided it would be best to take it out. She's never had any dental work done with out Nitrous and Dr. E didn't know that so he didn't do nitrous and Hailey wasn't very happy and yelled the entire time. My poor baby I wanted to run in there and rescue her.

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