Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Conference/Easter

For my non-LDS friends. We have General Conference twice a year and it is always the first Sunday in April and the first Sunday in October. And to answer your question, if Easter and conference fall on the same weekend No we don't change it. We watch it on TV. Conference starts on Saturday and is 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. and There's a men's session Saturday evening for another 2 hours. Then Sunday we do it again 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The Prophet and other leaders of the church give spiritual talks. The big kids did really well. I printed them out Conference packets. With coloring sheets, and worksheets and other fun stuff. I brought out some quite Toys and they played and colored. The big kids did really good, that is until Ben got bored and attacked someone or stole someones stuff. Saturdays afternoon Ben was sleeping during it so it went really well. Sunday's morning session went great. They played and colored. But then Ben got bored so they turned on us. We waited to do the Easter Bunny until after conference. I told Ryan even though we both did the Easter Bunny first thing in the morning when we were kids. I knew there was no way we could get the kids to sit quietly for conference after giving them a basket of Candy and Toys. So after the morning Session we went and borrowed some tables from my friend Carrie, and went to visit Grandma Jammie. She gave the kids little baggies of Candy and went over the Easter story with them. It was very sweet. Every question she asked them either Hailey or Jacob answered. I think she thought she was gonna teach them. But they showed her. In our church we don't just discuss the saviour's sacrifice on Easter Sunday. So my kids know the story of Christ very well. They can re sight it to you. It's important to Ryan and I that our kids have a strong knowledge of our saviour and what he has done for us. So they get the knowledge at church and at home.
We got our chairs and went home and by the time we got there the Easter had come and Grandma Carol and Pappy had arrived. So we checked out our baskets.

Every year the Easter Bunny brings my kids outside toys like sand box toys, bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Since Spring is prime playing outside time for Arizona Kids. He also brings the adults each a chocolate Easter Bunny. it worked well this year because I used them as Place cards at dinner time.

Ben had a hard time digging into just his basket. He wanted to unpack everyone Else's basket.

Kids digging into there baskets.

Aunt Sam, Uncle John and Valerie came and then we hunted eggs. The kids did great. I talked with Hailey and Jacob and told them that the Easter Bunny would hide some eggs for them but leave some out in the open for Ben and Valerie because they are littler so they needed to leave those out in the open ones for them. They all got the same amount of eggs. 8or9 real ones and 10-12 plastic ones. The big kids just took off so fast I hardly saw what they were doing. And once Ben got the hang of it he really enjoyed it. Grandma Jammie helped him find more eggs.

The girls on the hunt

Cute boys, Ben looks so proud of himself.

Full Baskets.

Our babies showing off their finds

Jacob waiting for me to count his eggs. Ben saying hay did you know there's candy in these.

My girl so proud of herself, and me counting eggs. I had to make sure we got them all.

Every body joined us for dinner at our house. It's a little bit much for Ryan but he puts up with it because he loves me and he knows I love to entertain. And I don't like to choose between which family. So we had my 5, My mom and dad, my sister Sam her husband John and their little girl Valerie, Ryan's mom and her friend Steve, and Ryan's sisters Ashley and Mandy. So that is 14 people. Everybody was great and pitched in and brought something to contribute to the meal. And every one helped with the prep and the clean up. It was so great having everyone here together.

Ashley, Mandy, Ryan, Jammie, Steve, Kent, Carol, Sam, John

Sam, John, Hailey, Valerie, Ben, Jacob, Ashley, Mandy, Ryan

Pappy entertaining Ben so he was out of the way. Ben didn't appreciate it very much but I did.

The big kids helping Aunt Mammy make deviled Eggs. Ryan & Carol working on the Potatoes for the Cheesy Potatoes.

Ben trying to help Pappy and Daddy carve the Ham. And Ben making Steve talk on the fake phone.

Rohwers hanging out. and Mandy's beautiful trifle

Not only was it pretty but it was super tasty.

After everyone left we watched the second session of conference which we had TVO'd. Thank goodness for TVO. The big kids did good. I bought those Fuzzy pipe cleaners so Hailey and I could do craft projects they wanted to play with them so I opened them up and they sat and played with them for the first half of the session. If I would have know they we work so well to keep the kids entertained I would have brought them out earlier. Then Ben got up and he started riling everyone up again. So finally we gave up and sent them to the other room to watch a movie. I think 7 hours of church in one weekend is enough.

Ben enjoying his pez from his basket.


Bonnie said...

looks like you had a fun Easter and Conference time....pipe cleaners hmmmm great idea!!

Renee said...

What great things the kids made with pipe cleaners. I think I may have to buy some and have Luke entertained by them!