Friday, January 21, 2011

my turn for a Mommy date

It was my turn for a mommy date. I got to go out with my mommy today. I Had to let Ben and Pappy tag along for parts of it. We went to Chompies for Gluten free burgers, then target until I could find someone to watch the big kids after school and then I took mom to see the new Chronicles of Narnia movie. i had already seen it but my mom hadn't and she really wanted too and my dad's not a big movie guy so I knew she would never get to see it if I didn't go with her. So luckily. My friend Liz pulled through and let the kids come hang out at her house and so mom and I could go to the movies. on a funny note while at Liz's house they were trying to find a gluten free snack and Liz was having trouble determining what was gluten free and what was not, and Jacob gently pushed her out of the way and say let me see what you've got I'll tell you what's gluten free. I was the shiest child I'm so glad my kids aren't like that they will stick up for themselves and their siblings but Jacob sometimes borderlines on rude.

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