Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hailey girl and noone to sit with on the bus

Hailey broke my heart today at lunch when we were talking about the field trip tomorrow and she tells me "people save a place for their friend on the bus" and then she starts telling me who saves for who and then says "no one ever saves a spot for me" what do you say to that. My poor sweet girl. and then I could have killed Jacob. because he said "may be they don't save you seat cause they don't want to sit with you." I know he didn't mean it like it came out but it sounded so horrible. I love Jacob but he just doesn't think before he speaks. I could see the hurt in Hailey's eye's and I could see the shock in Jacob's eyes like "oh i wasn't suppose to say that" It broke my heart my poor girl she's had such a hard time this year fitting in. The kids aren't mean to her they just don't include her she's always odd man out. There's no one that wants to be her bestest friend but she just keeps being her happy self. My poor girl. I wish everyone could see her for the funny, loving, wonderful, girl I see every day. =(

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