Monday, January 3, 2011

Jacob Boy turns 6

6 years ago tonight I went into labor, at 3am I finally woke Ryan up and we drove to Mesa and met my parents in a restaurant parking lot while it was raining, and gave them Hailey and went to the hospital to labor for 12 hours to have our Jacob boy!!

I love this boy so much, but he is so infuriating and adorable at the same time. He can be telling you how much he loves you one minute and yelling at you because he didn't get his way the next.

He is doing really well at school his teacher says he is a really good boy. and she hardly ever has problems with him. I wish sometimes he would show that at home. He is excelling in his schooling everything he has to do he just bam knows it. He's so smart.

He has to argue about EVERYTHING if you told him the sky was blue he would say no it's not it's green or purple or something. One night I said to Ryan over the phone that he had been arguing with me all day. and Jacob said "I have not" and continued to argue with me about the fact that he hadn't been arguing with me. So I started to laugh/cry on the phone with Ryan as I explained to him that Jacob was arguing with me about arguing it was so ridicules. I have never meant a more argumentative child.

When I look at him he looks so much like Ryan. He's like a mini me. He's so stinking cute, and he just gets cuter and cuter every day!!

Jacob through the years!!!
5 Years old--2009

4 years old-------2008

3 years old -------2007

2 years old---2006 ----------------1years old---2005

1 day old-----------20005

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