Friday, January 14, 2011

Ben and My Hair

Ben has always messed with my hair. I always thought he did it just to annoy me. Well I realized the other day it's more then that. When I'm carrying him on my hip and he's uncomfortable with the situation he starts gently pulling my ponytail through his hands and the more scared or uncomfortable he gets the harder he pulls. Like for example if he thinks I'm going to leave him and it's not his choice because he's the biggest mommas boy. I realized it the other day because we were taking Jacob into the Dentist and I was carrying him in because he was in his PJ's still. Ben wasn't being seen but he didn't know that, and the closer we got to the door the harder he pulled on my ponytail and then today when we got to my parents house he did it again because I had to drop something off with my mom and he thought I was going to leave him with them which I do from time to time and he got upset and when I told him "NO I'm not leaving you" and picked him up first thing he did was reach behind me and grab my pony tail and start playing with it. It's like a security blanket for him. I was thinking back to one time we went to the movies and he loves to go to the play place with Sissy and Bubbi but that means leaving mommy so as we were signing them in he kept asking me if he got to go to and I kept telling him yes he got to go to but before I got my loves and put him down he practically had my hair wound around his arm. Now I feel bad because I will yell at him for pulling my hair. I don't think he's being a brat on this one. He's not pulling my hair to be mean. For some strange reason my hair has become a comfort to him. Goofy kid

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