Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jacob's Birthday the Dino Muesum

We aren't doing big birthday parties this year. But we told the kids they could each pick a fun activity, and Jacob picked going to the dinosaur museum. Which is great for us because we are a family full of nerds who love to learn information. It would have been better if I hadn't been fighting a migraine from my nose surgery.

Everyone to pose with the Dino Statue Outside of the museum

Pappy/Kent Welch

The Birthday Boy Jacob Owens

Hailey Owens

Benners Owens.

4 cousins with the when you first walk in.

scary shark teeth. and a cute girl looking through a rock.

The dino is eating us. what do you mean this gal's gluten free. Yuck spit her out.

More dinos.

The dinos at the water fall where the storm is.

Who needs toys when you have daddies. Ryan and Ben, John and Valerie.

My Boys. Ryan, Ben, and Jacob.

more dinos at the waterfall and the water fall at the storm.

The birthday boy watching the storm!!

Daddy protect us!!!

The Storm is over let's go. Ben and Grandma Carol, Aunt Sam and Valerie.

Ben and Uncle John.
The kids love this room with the big Dino that you can put all the different parts on.

Hailey and Ben, Valerie and Uncle John.

Ben and Jacob.

Hailey, Ben, John.

Dino Hailey, My cute Girl

They have this cool classroom I'm not sure if it's new or we just never noticed it before. It had all these fun activities for the kids to do.

John and Valerie looking through the thing at the fossils. Ben loved the dino loved this fishing game he played it almost the entire time. He used the fishing poll with the a magnet to pick up dino's with paperclips. He'd pick them all up with the fishing poll and I'd spread them all out again. Over and over again. It was fun watching him.

when Ben got done and got interested in something else there was a pile of stuffed animals by where Valerie was playing so I went and laied down my head hurt so bad. And I just love that some took a picture of me hugging the turtle. Funny side note a super cute little girl came and sit down with her dad. And I said to her "wow aren' t you the cutest thing I've ever seen."and I looked over and Valerie had the maddest look on her face as if she was saying how dare you say that to her, You are "MY AUNT VICKI" It cracked me up!!

Grandma Carol helping Hailey makeing rubbings.

Uncle John, Valere, Jacob, Ben

Ryan watching the kids.

Grandma Carol, Hailey, Sam, John, Valerie. Jacob & Hailey digging.

They also love the puzzle area. Valerie, Jacob, Hailey, Ben

Me helping Ben and Valerie try to put the pot puzzle together.

Pappy and Aunt Sam watching the Puzzle fun.

Cute Ben fighting the pot puzzle.

The birthday boy takes a turn

Gotta love when you can put your kids in Jail. Ben, John, Hailey, Ben, and Valerie

They have this new outside digging pit. The kids can brush away the soft chips and reveal dinasour bones.

Hailey, Ryan, & Jacob Pannigng for gold.

Hailey, John and Valerie.

Valerie and John Me and Benner Panning for gold.

Valerie and me and Benners.

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