Sunday, February 28, 2010

New church clothes

I told Ryan if I had to talk in church I was going to go get a new outfit. So I didn't look outdated when I was up in front of everyone. So Jammie and Mammy and I were going on girls night out so I talked them into going to the mall and go clothes shopping. So I got a couple of outfits and New dress boots. I'm not a huge fashion person, so when people have shoes and stuff I'm never jealous. But when the girls wear their dress boots I'm jealous, so we went and looked at them and They were expensive so I was gonna pass and then Mammy noticed they were 50% off so that sealed the deal and to make it even better Jammie ended up buying them for me. When we got home from church. I had the kids take a picture of me so I could post in on Face book. And since I was having my picture taken they wanted there's taken too.

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Duston said...

Cute! Love the boots!