Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dentist Hailey

Hailey wasn't feeling very good I had to go get her at school the day before because she was coughing so much. I think she really has an itchy throat that is bothering her but I think she also has a case of the fackies. I had to take her to work with me. Good thing I have a really easy going boss. She mostly hung out in the back and watched TV. Hailey's a really good girl so It wasn't a huge deal but I don't like doing that. I just feel it's unprofessional. and I have never done it before. I use to take my kids in all the time when we didn't have Internet at the office so on the days we didn't have patients I would take them with me. But I don't like taking them when we have patients.

I told her she could come out of the back when the Patients were all gone. So when they had all left she was out there with me and the back office girls were showing her the different tools. So next thing I know her and Lindsey our hygienist are back there pretending to clean her Dragons teeth. She cracked me up.

Hailey wants to be something different every day. And today she wants to be a dentist when she grows up. But tomorrow she'll want to be something else.

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