Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I decided to have Ben tested for Celiacs. I really think he has this. I told Ryan if his tummy feels like mine does that would explain why he won't eat anything, he's grouchy all the time, and his diapers smell so bad. So I made him an appointment with Dr. Amin and went and took him to see her. She thinks that he might have it so she ordered the blood test.

I'm going to make Ryan take him to have it done though. When Hailey was about his age I had to take her to have blood work done and it was the most horrible experience. She was so upset and it was so hard. it took mom and I both to hold her down. I had to hold her in my lap and hold her arms down with my arms and mom had to hold her legs to keep her from kicking the lady drawing the blood and she screamed and cried the entire time. She was so upset and so was I by the time it was over, I told Ryan I just couldn't do it again so he had to take him. So while I was in the Dental office with Hailey Ryan went and took him. They were gone so long I thought oh no it must be going terrible. But I was wrong when Ryan came back with him he said he held him in his lap and Ben just watched the lady do it, Ryan said he never even made a peep.

Another little Ben note. Ryan has been working with Ben on saying his prayers at night. Since Ben doesn't speak English he just mimics what Ryan says, it is super cute. Well the other night no one was willing to say the dinner prayer and Ryan says who wants to give the prayer and Ben did his typical cute "ME" so Ryan let him and Ryan said the prayer and Ben Mimicked him. It was so stinking cute.

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