Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day

I don't know why but I didn't take any pictures this year. The kids got lots of Candy grandma Jammie brought them candy we gave them candy and then Aunt Mammy brought them candy. My parents always gave us a book for valentines day. and Ryan and I really like that idea so we get the kids each a book and a movie. We are all kind of dorky and my kids love the science channel so Jacob got a movie about Dinosaurs and Hailey got a movie about Space and they were so excited. We got a gal in our ward to keep the kids while we went out. I'm really picky about who I leave my kids with. I don't do teenage baby sitters But I really like Amber and the kids love her so, I'm OK with it. We went to dinner at outback because they have a great gluten free menu they even had a gluten free browning that was great. and then tried to go to the movie but I really wanted to see Valentines day so we bought the tickets and went in and the only place to sit was right up front so we left and went to the theater down the road and got our tickets but it didn't start for a while so we walked over to Walmart. We were joking that were really an old married couple we went to walmart on our hot date. We really enjoyed the movie it was super cute and funny. Ryan and I have been together 14 years this week. We started going out February 11th. I can't believe he's put up with me for all these years. Poor guy!

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