Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ryan got my cold so he decided last night not to go to church He felt so yucky. I know this makes me a bad mom but I told him I was leaving Ben home with him because he's such a stink. Then Jacob started coughing so I left him home too. So it was just me and my girl. Not that we don't love the boys all 3 of them. But it was really nice to have some just me and Hailey time. My Sunday's are always stressful but my friend Tiffany who is in charge of the Nursery was gone this weekend so I had to do my job and set up the nursery's too. So I was a little stressed. Hailey sits so well for church that it was like being there by myself. I got to listen to the speakers and actually Feed my spiritual growth. Hailey drew in her drawing pad and looked at the scriptures I have downloaded on my phone. Then during Primary I was out in the Hallway like always, and my friend Bonnie peaked her head out and Said urgently come here, come here. So I went in the Primary room and there was my Hay up front telling everyone the story of Alma the Younger. Carrie had the story there for her to read but she wasn't even looking at it she was just telling it from memory. Which shocked me, we have talked about the story in Scripture study but not enough for her to know it by heart. So when she finished everybody was telling her what a good job she had done and she got embarrassed and ran back to me. She's funny she likes attention in small settings but she gets really uncomfortable when it's on a big scale. When she ran back to me I picked her up and told her what a good job she did, and I asked her how she knew it so well and she told me remember that's the scripture we did when we did the scripture plays and I was the Angel. I had forgotten that because it was 6 months ago. I guess her memory is just better then her mommies. It's days like today that help with my spiritual growth.

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