Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mary Poppins

We took the big kids to see the Play Mary Poppins.

Before we went we stopped and had dinner at Macayos which is one of my favorite restaurants. But I was very sad to learn that there Enchilada Sauce has flour in it so I can't have it any more. Ryan has a habit I'm going to have to break him of. The kids always share there cheese crisp with him well he reached across and stuck his tortilla in the group salsa. Well now I couldn't eat it he had contaminated it. He felt really bad, and I gave him a hard time but were just going to have to get use to these changes.

My cute posing kids waiting to go in.

I shot this picture of the screen, and then go ready to snap another picture of Ryan and the kids when the mean 90 year old usher lady yelled at me "NO pictures in the Theater"

We had a good time together. But it didn't get over until almost 11 so the kids were both grouchy and when we gave a standing ovation, I asked Hay to stand up with me and she had a melt down because I asked her to stand up. I had to laugh my kids love the movie and a different points both kids told me they liked the movie better. May be there a little young for theater, or may be next time we need to pick a different show. Mom and Dad were nice enough to watch Ben for us but it was so late when we got back to their house that mom & Ben were fast asleep and Pappy was holding down the fort.

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