Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

I love valentines day. It's just a fun day that I get to give the kids and the Hubs a little something to show them I love them. We always got a book for valentines day so I have continued that with my kids. So they get a book and some candy. and a heart balloon. I also love dressing them in red and or pink outfits to celebrate the holiday. But do you think they would cooperate and let me get a picture. These are only the good pictures.

The next day I got flowers at work from Ryan and Hailey drew a face on her balloon it kept creeping me out. I'd walk around the corner and there would be a face.

Ryan and I had gone out this weekend to celebrate Valentines weekend, so tonight we took the kids to the movie for FHE. We got some weird looks at the movie theater that we had our kids on valentines day but when you have three kids going out on valentines day isn't always an option.

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