Friday, February 25, 2011

Amanda Gets Married

The hygienist at my office and my friend Amanda got married this weekend. Ryan and I do not agree on this but I LOVE weddings. I love the wedding part, two people joining together, I love receptions the hanging out with friends, dancing all of it.

Here comes the bride she looks so beautiful.

The happy couple

Their beautiful cake I bet it's not gluten free. =(

Cut the cake.

The pretty decorations and my pretty friends. Sam, Katie, and Suzy.

Me and the Hubs

More table decorations.

They did the funnest thing they had a photo booth that you went in and took pictures and they cute some out and and you signed them, it was so cool and fun.

I was so happy for Amanda and Derek they looked so happy. We danced the night away Ryan made us laugh our butts off. and We had so much fun.

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