Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Tball game

Jacob played his First Tball game today. Getting up early is not my strong suite but the things I do for my kids. He's so cute to watch.

But he's such a funny kid. He seems to enjoy it but when it wasn't his turn to bat he kept squatting down to play in the dirt so I kept having to yell at him. and then he would do the same thing in the out field.

And he kept going up to the coach. I assumed he was complaining that it was cold cause it was pretty cold out there but afterwords i asked him and he told me "no I was asking him when we were going to be done"

Ben was cold so he was snuggling with me in my chair.

at the end clifford was there how awseme. My kids thought that was so cool. One of Jacob's little team mates wanted to be in the picture and i didn't have the heart to say get out of my picture.

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