Friday, February 4, 2011


When I was a kid, mom use to cook the heart and gizzards for extra broth and we would fight over who got to eat it them it was a treat. But when I started my own family no one else liked them so i got them all to myself.
I got Hailey to taste Chicken Heart and Chicken Gizzard with me tonight and she liked it. And she felt very brave and proud!! I asked her if she wanted to try it but I couldn't remember what a gizzard did so she tried it then when she went and googled it and came back told me what a gizzard does, Hailey was king of grossed out by it. So I said but It still tasted good. and she said yes. and I asked her would you have tried it if you had known what it was, and she said no. I kind of had to laugh at her.

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