Monday, February 14, 2011

Ben's Valentines Party

My friend Rachel has a Valentines day party every year and for one reason or another we've never been able to go. And this year we were able to go. And Ben was so excited. He kept calling it "HIS Party" and he kept asking when we were going to his party with his friends. When we got there and he practically pulled me up the drive way. He got so excited because I bought juice boxes to take and he got to share them with his friends.

We got there and they played a game.

and then they had lunch. But eating is not really Ben's strong suit, So Ben picked at his Peanut butter sandwich and fruit snacks.

Then we decorated cookies. He was all over that. He got to sit next to his good friend Lucas. Who is also our next door neighbor.

Rachel's littlest girl was covering her cookie in sprinkles and I said, don't you think you have enough sprinkles and she turned and gave me the dirtiest look and went back to covering her cook. She cracks me up, she is this little bitty girl with this big personality.

Benners enjoying his cookie!!

We had a great time and I'm so glad we could go to Ben's Party with his friends. We're always going to stuff for the big kids. But this one was just for him.

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Ms. Misc. said...

that was such a fun party. Thanks for posting the pictures.