Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jacob T Ball

I've been waiting for weeks for an email to say that TBall registration had opened up and I hadn't gotten one, and then I see people posting on Face book that their kids were going to start TBall so I asked Ryan to look into it and the boys groups were all full. Well never send a dad to do a Mom's job I sent the registration guy an email and told him that we never got the email letting us know Tball registration had started and how frustrated I was and how upset my son was going to be and to see what he was going to help me out with this. So we went back and forth a little and he said. He couldn't get Ben in his group was just to full but he could put Jacob on his team. Awesome!! Then I get the email telling me that practices are on Tuesday afternoons. Crap. What do i do at this point I have just Bullied this man until he got my son in to TBall what am I going to do now tell him oh sorry that day doesn't really work for me. I'm working, Hailey has achievement days, Ryan has bishopric. So I got my friend Jennifer to take him to TBall and Ryan goes and picks him up. So I don't get to see him practice but he gets to play.

He seems to enjoy it right now but you never know with Jacob.

Hailey and Ben Playing on the Playground while Bubbi practices.

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