Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I love Super Bowl Sunday. I don't actually watch the game, but I love the fun food, and having everyone over.

The kids didn't really understand what exactly was going on but they new everyone was coming over and we were having a party. So they were really excited. On the way home from church Hay asked me if she could help me set up for the party, and I said yes, so she asked it she could put the decorations up. I explained that I hadn't bought any decorations. She made a bunch of annoyed noises and a few minutes later asked well can I make some when we get home. I told her of course she could. So i am including pictures of the decorations she made and I think they are great for a 6 year old. She made streamers in the teams colors, and a bird for the cardinals, and a football with the word stealer's.

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