Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ben's firstt trip to the Park

I hate to take toddlers to the park. They eat the sand, they wander off, and they are trouble. Poor Ben's always been confined either in the stroller or in my sling. We went to the park with Renee and Lucas, Some of the gals in the neighborhood get together for a weekly play date. But I got brave and I decided to let him loose and see what would happen.

He did really well, he dug in the sand but didn't eat it. The only time he tried to stray away from me was when he tried to fallow the big boys down the grassy hill. The only problem we had was when he wanted to wander away from the picnic tables with his snack and rub his gram cracker in the sand and then try to eat it. He was so cute and good I guess we'll have to try it again.

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