Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Hay

I know it's not her birthday but I wanted to show off some of the pictures we had taken of her when we had our family picture taken.

When I took her to the Dr awhile back she still only weighs 35 pounds but at least she's gotten taller. She's now in Size 6 clothes. This is the first time in her life she's been in the size clothes that she's suppose to be. She always been a size or two behind. Thank goodness for the pants with the cinch on the inside So I can make the waist smaller for her.

Because she had the flu we missed her parent teacher conference so her teacher called me and we had a phone conference. She said she's wonderful to have in her class. She had to work with her on not tattling, which she said she has gotten better at. I told her to let me know her secret because I still can't break her of the tattling. She is doing good in all of her subject. She is excelling in reading at the beginning of the year she read 37 words a minute, and now she's reading 147 she is officially at the top her class in reading. She is doing OK in Math but not great. She was doing 4 digits a minute at the beginning of the year and now is doing 10. One of her problems is she will write down the answer to her math problem and then go around the paper and find all the same question and put the answer. Her idea is sound but the problem is she's doesn't always have the correct answer. But that's not her fault that's all Ryan's fault he said he use to do the same thing. So it must be genetic. The only other problem Mrs. C said is she likes to play the poor little girl, at the end of the day when they have to put there cubby away and there chair up on the desk, if Mrs. C. isn't right by her she'll start to fuss that it's to heavy, and one of the boys will run over and do it for her. Little stink she has already learned to use her cuteness to work the boys. If Mrs. C. Says anything Hailey will say "Well I am the littlest in the class"

I have started calling her the little mother. She asked me one day why do you call me that and I told her. "Because you think your the boys mother." she said to me "I'm not there mother you are" so I told her. "I know I'm there mother, but you think you are" She's constantly scolding them and telling them what to do. I feel kind of bad for them sometimes. Most kids have 1 mom but the boys have 2 Me and Hailey.

I was going next door to barrow some eggs and the kids were playing and watching cartoons so I told Hailey to watch the boys and keep them from hurting themselves or each other. So I went next door and got some eggs and started back. I was gone maybe 2 minutes. As I start up the walk I can hear Ben and Jacob both screaming and crying. As I run inside I hear Hailey say "And when you can be nice you can come out" Jacob is sitting on the floor crying and Ben is on the other side of the locked baby gate screaming and shaking the gate. I ask Hailey. "What happened?" She tells me "Ben hit Jacob with a toy and so now he's in time out" I check on Jacob his head isn't bleeding, so I comfort him and then I get Ben out of "Time out" and Hailey says to me "Hey he wasn't done with his time out yet"

She's so funny she just cracks me up all the time. She has this big vocabulary, and she says adults words Ryan and I say, and she uses them in the right context. It just cracks us up.


Jen said...

She's so cute!

My Camden is 6 and he only weighs 35 lbs. too. He's a little peanut!

I used to do the same thing with my math sheets too! ;) My kids do it too.

Chandy said...

She's beautiful, Vicki! She is growing up so fast...

Lucinda Fish said...

Hay is the cutest little girl! You are doing a good job raising her. :)