Friday, February 13, 2009


A family friend gave us a bunch of brand new carpet, so we had to pack up the house to have it put in. So Ryan decided that this would be a could time to repaint the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallway. Those are the only areas of our house that we didn't paint when we moved in. Since we've been in this house 4 years, and 3 kids have abused the walls they were looking pretty bad. So He taped every thing up and started painting while I continued packing box's. Ben really felt like he needed to help every step of the way.

The picture doesn't do this justice. I had used the box to keep the Baby gate closed so Ben couldn't get in the hallway with Ryan. But Ben didn't appreciate that very much, so he climbed up on the box and stood there and yelled at Ryan.

When he got tired of yelling at Daddy, he came in to my office and climbed in the box I was trying to pack. He thinks he's helpful, but he's really not.

When we painted the kitchen we let the big kids help. We had to go back over it with a roller when they were done to even out there painting, but they enjoyed themselves. But poor Ben we put him in the saucer so that he couldn't help us.

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