Monday, February 23, 2009

He's a little Monkey

a few months ago Hailey and I were watching a show on baby orangutans and she kept saying how cute they were, and I said they reminded me of baby Ben but with hair. Well I think I jinxed myself because in the last couple of weeks he has started climbing everything.

Our couches can flip up to make recliners, so we sit on them with our feet up a lot. One morning I came out from the bathroom, and he was up on the couch banging on my computer.

I was in Hailey's room wrapping up her breakables to get ready for the carpet guy to come, and he found something he shouldn't have had, so I took it from him and put it up on a high shelf and went back to what I was doing and I heard him behind me, I turned around and he had climbed up on the first shelf, and if he'd been an inch taller he would have been up on the second shelf.

I don't let me kids grunt or yell at me, I do sign language with them it works well but anyway I have been working on "Please" with him and he wanted his sippy cup and he wouldn't sign milk which he already knows and he wouldn't sign please either he just stood there and yelled at me. So I said fine be that way and I sat it on the table. I turned around to go in the other room, and I heard the chair squeak and I turned around and he had climbed up in the chair to get his cup.

The big kids were up on our bed with me they were watching cartoons, and I was working on my computer and he was on the floor playing with toys and he decided he wanted up on the bed but I was trying to ignore him because I knew he would try to get on my computer. My bed is as tall as Ben is, and next thing I knew he was up on the bed with me. So I put him back on the floor which didn't make him happy but I wanted to see if he could do it again. So he used the food storage boxes that are under the bed to stand on, then put his little Monkey toes in between the box spring and the mattress and then clawed himself up the sheets until he got up top.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this little monkey. I know it's hard to believe, I'm so wonderful now =) but I was a horrible toddler. I was my mom's trial. Climbing book shelf's, not wanting to hold hands, standing up in baskets which by the way he also does. He's so skinny that even if I buckle him in he still wiggles his way out stands up and tries to jump out. He's my trial, I think the lord sent him to me to teach me patients.

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Davis said...

Haha. Good luck I think your Ben will be like my Lucas!!! He will definitely keep you on your toes. I think after have 2 good kids you needed to have a trouble maker!!! :)