Saturday, June 27, 2009

Uncle BooBoo & Aunt Kristen

I have this very good friend who lives in Pueblo Colorado. I know what all of you that aren't familiar with the area are thinking. Your thinking hay I thought you were in New Mexico. But where my family lives is right over the Colorado boarder. So anyway Mom and dad were going to Pueblo which is only and hour and a half away to run some errands. So we caravaned up there and we all went to lunch and then we went to the duck park so the kids could feed the ducks and then we went back to their house and visited. My friend Chet-AKA uncle BooBoo and I have been friends since I was 13 so what is that 17 years, wow that's along time when you look at it that way. Anyway in November it will be 2 years that he and his lovely wife Kristen got married and in December there going to have there first baby. It's a girl, I tried to talk them into naming her Vicki but there going with Madison Grace. I'm really excited for them. My kids just love Uncle BooBoo. I think it's because he's on the same mental level as them. =) I really like his wife, It's always awkward when someone you care about brings someone into their life there's always that worry what if I don't like her or what if she doesn't like me and then it makes your friendship awkward, but Kristen and I get along really well. In fact I talk/email/text her more then I do Chet. Well anyway this is our day with them.

Aunt Kristen, Jacob, Hailey, & Uncle BooBoo

Aunt Kristen, Uncle BooBoo and Benners

Hailey and Jacob feeding the birds

Hailey feeding the huge geese that came up on shore. She was a little nervous. To be honest mommy was kind of nervous too. I wanted her to keep all of her fingers just where they were.

Ben was a stink at lunch and refused to eat anything we offered him at lunch, so when uncle gave him bread to throw to the ducks he would eat it instead of throwing it.

Aunt Kristen and Uncle BooBoo. Ben really thought Unlce BooBoo was funny. Same mental age and all

Ben liked the Trampoline until the big kids would start bouncing and then he'd go from laughing to crying in ten seconds flat.

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