Friday, June 26, 2009

Nursing Home

We went to the Nursing home in Springer to see Grandma Nona. The kids made picture frames and bookmarks for the other "grandma's & grandpa's" as the kids call them, and we handed them out but I didn't get any pictures of them handing them out.

After we took dad to dinner for his birthday we took grandma back to the nursing home and took the kids in the back yard so they could "run the stink off" as grandma says. I told grandma there wasn't enough running room in the world to run the stink off of my kids.

The kids found a puddle and and got all wet.

Dad/Pappy/Kent, Mom/Grandma Carol, and Great Grandma Nona watching the kids. Who needs TV when you got little trouble makers to entertain you.

So we had to stripped them down and make them ride home in there unders.

The kids with Great Grandma Nona. I am so glad my kids get to have a relationship with my grandma. I have very fond memories of my great grandparents, and I'm glad my kids are getting to bond with her.

Jacob last summer formed this strong attachment to Grandma. He refereed to her as "his" grandma Nona. and for weeks after we went home he would cry and say "I want my grandma Nona." and would tell me "she's the best grandma Nona in the world."

When we first got there I Had Ben on my hip and I leaned in to hug grandma and she leaned in to give Ben a kiss and tried to hit her in the face. He's such a stink. But he really liked her necklace and as long as he could play with it he would sit with her so she could love on him.


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