Thursday, April 16, 2009


My poor mom she hates McDonald's. The first day Sam & John were in town we went to Olive garden with Ryan, the second day we went to Nellos pizza with Dad and then on her day she had to go to the place she hates, but that's her punishment for wanting to spend time with her grand kids.

Oh well she'll get over it. The kids had a great time.

After the kids ate they ran off to play but Ben eats so slow that he was still eating. He kept screaming and pointing at my ketchup and screaming so I gave in and gave it to him. So mom and I continued talking, and the next time I looked over and he was licking the ketchup out of the little cup. He was giving himself a ketchup facial.

I let Ben down for the last 10 minutes and Valerie and Jacob spent it playing with Ben on the baby slide.

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