Sunday, April 12, 2009


I love Easter it's my second favorite holiday. I love all the fun stuff with my kids. Decorating eggs, hunting eggs, Easter baskets. It's all so much fun. And Hailey is now big enough that we were able to talk to her about what Easter is really about. Seeing her little brain working and understanding what we were talking about was amazing. Seeing that she was understanding what the saviour did for us, was great. She asked me at one point "So Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Birthday, so Easter is to celebrate his death date?"

My kids have so much the Easter bunny doesn't go to crazy. As kids we always got a book in our Easter basket so I kept that tradition. And I started a new tradition as you fellow Arizonans know the Hot AZ sun destroys plastic outside toys. So the Easter Bunny brings my kids new sandbox toys.

I love watching the Easter egg hunt. Ben even got into it this year. He wasn't so sure about giving us the egg once he found it. He had this look on his face like, "Heck no I'm not giving it to you, go find your own egg."

The hunt brings back found memories for me of my childhood. When we went to grandma & grandpa's my grandpa would always cheat. My big sister and brother would be rushing around finding eggs and I would have only found 1 or 2 So he would go stand next to one and call me over so I'd run over to him and then wow I'd find an egg. I didn't get what he was doing until I was older. And when we had Easter at home. We would find the original eggs and then we would take turns hiding them and then the other two would find them. It was so much fun.

My cute kids in their nice matching Easter clothes.

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