Monday, April 13, 2009

Funny Stubborn Little Monkey Baby

Ben has been eating in a high chair. But when we went away for our anniversary I couldn't haul the highchair to Melanie's and my folks, so I took the little booster seat that's been waiting in the garage for him to get a little bigger. I figured he could handle it for a couple of days. Well ever since then he has started climbing in the kitchen chairs. At first I thought it was cute because he would just crawl up there and sit and looked cute. But then he discovered that he could use those kitchen chairs to climb up onto the kitchen table. One day Ben had already had his snack, and Jacob was having his snack when I walked out of the room Ben was sitting in the chair next to him, just sitting there being cute. All of a sudden I hear Jacob screaming so I run back in and Ben is sitting on top of table eating Jacob's snack two fist fulls at a time. I had to chuckle for a second and then run over and save Jacob's snack.

When ever I would say it was meal time and the big kids would run over and climb up in a chair, as if to say "I'm a big kid too" and every time we put him in his high chair if we didn't get him buckled in good he would stand up and or try to climb out. So I gave in even though I prefer that he stay a baby.

While mom and dad took care of him while we were gone mom let him feed himself his cottage cheese. Which I had not let him do yet, because I do not like cleaning up a yucky baby. Which I am now having to do because ever since he refuses to take food from me he insists on doing it himself. Thanks a lot mom.

He's also so stubborn, if I give him his food all at once he mixes it up and then throws it on the floor. So tonight I gave him just his cheesy potatoes in a bowl with a spoon, so he started screaming and pointing at Jacobs plate. So I thought he wanted the other foods so I gave him a little piece of everything, and he still screamed and pointed. Then I figured he was pointing at my fork. So I handed it to him and he stoped screaming and proceeded to eat his potatoes using both his spoon and my fork.

He's so bull headed. I just sit and laugh at him. He drives me crazy but I love him anyway.

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