Friday, April 17, 2009


We took the kids to Arizona Museum for youth. Where they have this really cool place called Artville where they have have all this fun stuff for little kids to do. They have all these different rooms.

This is the reading room
Jacob loves playing dress up at one point he had a Hawaiian shirt and a chefs jacket on he kept telling me mommy I need one of these Cooking jacket at my house.

This one is the kitchen

This is the back yard we didn't get many pictures of the kids.

The silly girls standing in the back yard knocking on the window that looks into the kitchen

They have this cool baby place in the middle of everything where you can put anyone under the age of 2. we tried to keep Ben in it as long a possible to keep him from running wild. He did good until he got beat up by a little girl half his age but twice his size. So grandma saved him from the baby bully.

This is the restaurant, not such a big hit this time but Jacob loved it last time. Probably because most of the food wasn't there and we all know that fake food is one of his favorite toys.

This is the Tree house that had an attached slide. It was Valerie's favorite part she kept telling me one more time Aunt Bicki.

This was fake Safari Jeep. Funny it was the simplest thing in the room but all the kids kept flocking to it.
Of course they couldn't look at the camera at the same time.

Just a couple of cute pictures
At the very end we went into the museum to see the Butterfly art. and they had several different art made of butterflies. On the one the kids could cut a butterfly out of a magazine and color it. Then you could clue it to the wall. My kids choose to add thiers to the wall. Valerie wanted to keep hers.

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