Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snow fun

Hailey kept saying I wish it snowed in Arizona, and so we told her it does snow up North. She told us "well we should go up there then." So we told her that when we went to pooh pa's if there was snow on the mountains we would go see it. Hailey didn't let us forget when she saw the Mt Graham had snow on the tips she said "OK lets go see the snow." So one afternoon we put everyone in the car and headed up the mountain.

Someone else had made this really nice Snowman, he was really great until my family decide to break him apart and use him as ammo in a snowball fight.

Being that we don't have snow boots the kids had to wear their rain boots. Back at the house I told Jacob to get his boots on and he did, so while we were out in the snow I picked him up and his boot feel off and he had no socks on. Silly boy. Ben did not care for the snow, I thought putting him on what was left of the snow man would be cute. Well he didn't seem to think it was so fun as soon as we set him down he burst into tears.


Steve M. said...

That is a very nice family that you have there Vicki.

-Steve Huckabee-

Chandy said...

Snow is always fun to play with! Your family looked like you had fun!