Saturday, January 3, 2009

4th Birthday Party

I took Bubbi to the party store and let him pick out what kind of Party he wanted. And like a typical boy he picked Batman. He was so excited he talked about his Batman party for days.

Instead of Party hats he wanted these Batman masks. Everyone looked good in them. I couldn't get him to wear one long enough to take a picture of him

The kids got a Bubble machine from Santa so we decided to break it out the kids had a blast with it. I wouldn't let Ben outside by himself so Aunt Mammy took pity on him and took outside so he could play with the bubbles too.

He was really excited to have a pinata. This is the first pinata we've done, the kids were suppose to pull the strings, but my kids were very disappointed with that they wanted to whack it. It said it was not breakable, but after 4 kids whacked it they broke it open and everyone was very excited.

After they broke it open, My kids decided the Pinata needed a hair cut, I told them they could but they had to clean up the mess they made, so when they were done I broke out the vacuum and made them clean it up.

He got lots of great presents, He was really excited about his new big boy bike. He has only road it a couple of times, because he fell down one day so now he says it's scary.

The Cake looked really cool but maybe we should have ordered lighter colors, all the kids ended up with black and blue lips.


Morris family said...

WOW where has the time gone?? i cant believe he turned 4!! he is such a sweet young man!!

Lucinda Fish said...

Happy B-day Jacob! Can't believe how big he is getting! HE is such a sweetheart, always giving hugs and loves to me and my kids when he's here!