Sunday, January 25, 2009

8 is great

We had an 8 is great program tonight at church for all the kids who are turning 8 this year and are getting baptized. Now don't get me wrong I love my calling, I love helping the kids and doing the lords work, by helping guide his most precious little lambs in the Gospel. But my calling is stressful, so Sunday is not spiritual and uplifting for me, it's stressful and super busy. So I wasn't looking forward to the program for me it was just one more thing I had to get done. I went to church last night and helped get ready for it and sat down with the thought it's just a half hour and then I can go home. It was short and sweet, but it was the most spiritual experience I've had in a long time. The spirit was so strong there, I was on the verge of tears the entire time, being there with all these sweet little spirits that are so excited to do be baptized, listening to there sweet sincere answers to why they want to get baptized, and what they have to do to prepare to get baptized. It was great. I came home so uplifted and spiritually filled. It was the highlight of my week.


Morris family said...

just wait til one of your own is in the room saying why tey want to get baptized!!! make sure you have a ox of tissues!!!

Chandy said...

It never fails; you get fed spiritually when you least expect it. I can't believe your daughter's almost 8!