Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hailey's restaurant

One night Hailey decided to turn our kitchen into a restaurant. She made a door and sign out of paper, and taped it to the wall and then she taped paper to the floor. I wasn't sure what they were so I asked her and she told me it was the thing you step on when you walk in the door, so I guess it was the floor mat.

It originally said "Haileys restunt 0 persent" we're not sure what the 0 percent was for. Then I said jokingly to her "Hay whats the deal what do you mean Hailey's restaurant who's doing the cooking here" So next thing I knew she'd taken a crayon and added my name so it said "Vicki and Hailey's restunt"
I went back to cooking and she came in with a piece of paper taped to her head and I said whats that and she told me " a Chef's hat" so trying to be a good mom I told her how great it looked and next thing I know she's made one for me to. I think I looked good in my hat.

She came in and asked me what we were having and I told her, so she made menu's for everyone. and at the end of the meal she whispered in my ear that she didn't know how to make a bill. So I helped her make a bill and we gave it to daddy. But he refused to pay.

You can't see it but when the meal was over Jacob got a piece of paper drew a bunch of circles on it and taped it above Hailey's closed sign. I had no idea what it was so I asked him and he told me they were the customers.

At some point during the evening, I looked at Hailey and she had taken her "chef's hat off", I then realized I still had mine on, so I asked her if it would hurt her feelings if I took mine off. So she told me "Yeah you can take it off, but it's gonna hurt" And she was right I had forgotten she had taped them to our heads.


Chandy said...

Very funny! And yes, chef hats both suit you!

Deejo said...

Nice restaurant! and trust me, Daddy is STILL paying the bill!