Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Jacob turns 4

Some of you are probably going to think I'm mean, but anyone who has spent anytime with my Jacob in the last year will totally understand. He was the sweetest, most easy going baby. and he was a normal into everything toddler, but then about a year ago he turned into this whinny, crying, obstinate turd. For about 6 months he cried if you looked at him wrong, and his favorite words were "NO" "I don't want to" "that's not fun" or any variation of those. He made us so crazy last year. No matter what we tried. Spanking, time out, scolding he just continued to whine all the time. He just had to come out of it on his own.

I'm a firm believer in scold the bad behaviour, and reward the good. So a while back I said to him "Jacob I like the little boy who's here today he's using such nice words, being helpful, and not whining" and He looked at me with out missing a beat and said "Yeah that mean boys not here today"

Like most kids his age he has an invisible friend. His friends name is "my Uncle". We saw both my brother and Ryan's brother this summer. So I think that's where it came from, but he's been so funny about it. If we tell him no he says "but my uncle lets me do it at his house" or "my uncle doesn't make me do that" at first we thought he was using one of our brothers as a scape goat. Then we figured out that it was his imaginary friend. Just recently he has added a name his friend is now "Uncle Charlie" He just cracks me up. But we made the mistake of saying he wasn't real, and Jacob had a fit. He kept saying he is real.

He has start telling us Your my favorite Mommy,your the best daddy in the world. He does it for everyone mom, dad, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles. It's so funny but if your having a bad day there's nothing like having this sweet little boy throw his arms around you and Say "you're the best mom in the world"

He's really wants to go to big boy school. He keeps asking me when he gets to go to big boy school like Hay. He's off to a good start, he knows all of the colors, he knows most of the shapes, he can count to 13, He's a little fuzzy on his alphabet he tends to lump some of the letters together.

At church he moved from the little kid nursery to the big kid class in sunbeams. He keeps telling Ryan I go to my little boy class. And Ryan said no your a big boy now, and he says "no I be a little boy"

He's such a sweet loving boy. Sometimes he makes me so crazy but I love him so much. When he tells me I'm the best mommy I tell him he's the best Bubbi in the world

Jacob through the years.
3 months-------------------------------------------------------1 year

2 years-------------------------------------------------3 years

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Such a cute kid!