Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rock Climbing

We went Rock Climbing while Chris and Toni were here. I had no desire to do it but I went along because that's what everyone wanted to do. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed it.

I'm not really sure what they are doing but they sure look like they're having fun.

We learned how to climb and belay first before he let us loose on our own.
Toni and Mandy showing their skills

Grandma entertaining Big Ben, Ryan climbing I know it looks like he's using that ladder, but i promise it's just a trick of the eye.

Me and Jammie almost to the top. Reach Jammie reach!!!

Chris showing his belaying skills.

Ryan entertaining Big Ben

Mandy at the top.

Chris at the top and Toni working her way to the top.

Owens' having fun Mandy, Ryan, Chris, Ashley, and Jacob

Chris & Ashley may be their racing to the top. who will win? Jammie at the top

Jacob & Aunt Ashley

Me & Ryan. I'm getting ready to climb. Me almost to the top

Me next to the wall I just climbed. It was called stuck in the corner. Ashley showing her mad skills

They had a little kid climbing area. Jacob was fine with climbing up but then he would refuse to come back down so one of us would have to climb up and help him down.

Ben loved the little kids climbing wall. He went up and down a dozen times. The only problem was he wasn't very good at the down. He would try to jump down instead of climbing down.

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