Friday, August 21, 2009

Owens Lake Trip

While Chris & Toni were here we went to the lake. We left Ben & Jacob at home with the Lucinda.

Us chilling on the boat.

Me and my cute girl and Toni looking good.

I'm not sure why Ashley's giving me the evil eye but she is. Flex those muscles.

Mammy & Ryan Styling on the boat

Ryan & Jammie Aren't' they cute. Chris & Toni strutting their stuff.

Chris Skiing and slaloming

Ryan Skiing and slalome skiing

Ashley showing her stuff

Mammy showing her stuff

Jammie skiing

me skiing, crossing the wake and my first time slaloming. I had never dropped a ski before.

We stopped at the little beach down the canyon and ate our snack and let Hailey play in the sand she made a hole and filled it with water.

Hailey loves the shark(Banana) she wouldn't let Ryan drive very fast. She kept telling him slower. But Uncle Chris figured out how to do it with out her noticing. He just slowly sped up and she had a blast.

They found a rope swing that someone had left behind, and they took turns. Hailey, Toni and I declined our turns but the rest of them had a good time

Ryan & Ashley

Chris and Jammie

Ashley & Mandy

Hailey was scared to get in the water, but somehow Aunt Ashley talked her into getting in.

All of us in the water

The nerds were all trying to stick their legs in the air.

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