Saturday, March 5, 2011

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival this weekend with Jammie and Mammy. Ryan couldn't go with us he volunteered to help me dad drive a load a stuff to New Mexico. We missed him but we still had fun with out him

Jammie and her friend Steve, Jammie, Me and Mammy

Mammy & Jammie, Jammie Jacob, Ben and Hailey

Jacob was mad in the above picture because he wanted to take a picture with just him and grandma and when I made him be in one with his siblings he was not to happy

So I made him a deal if he stood for a picture I would take one of just him and Jammie but you notice he didn't smile for the group shot. Little stink.

We always go see the wild men or the mud men as my kids call them. If you've never seen them I highly recommend them. They are super funny.

At that point I said I need to go get some cash and Jammie said she wanted to see the Jugglers, So she took the kids and I was gonna meet her there. Well When I walk in I notice Jacob's not sitting with the other kids, but I don't think anything about it at first but Jammie points to the stage and I turn and there is Jacob up on the stage with the juggler.

And the Juggler is teaching him how to use a lighter so he can light his torch for him. Yeah that's all I need is for that kid to know how to use a lighter.

But it's OK he couldn't figure it out so the juggler changed plans

and gave Ryan the torch and he lit it for Him. But Jacob thought he was big stuff .

When he came down he wanted to know if I took video and pictures to show daddy. I told him I had already sent the pictures to Daddy. He was a little sad he couldn't get the lighter lit but assured him he had done a great job.

Grandmas bought them Italian ices. and of course No one wanted to share so she got them all there own. Mommies mean I would have made them share as expensive as they are and they never eat it all. But you know grandmas. When Jammie doesn't want to tell them no she tells me Grandma privileges. She cracks me up.

On to the juggling. I'm glad Jammie wanted to see it, I had never seen it and I really enjoyed it.

Mammy has to ride the Swan with the kids it makes me sick so luckily the kids have a loving aunt who will go with them.

All three kids are on this ride but you can't see Ben because he is slouched down and clinging on to Hailey's side so he's not real visible. They love these rides.

Ben was the only one little enough this year to ride the Butterfly ride. It made me sad for two reason's one it's free. and two how did my kids get so big they can't ride the baby ride. =(

The kids love to climb Jacobs latter. and Jacob loves that it has his name. He doesn't even care that he doesn't make it to the top.

The guy is really good and he holds the latter for the kids so they get almost to the top

Even Benners got almost to do it. He thought he was big stuff.

My phone doesn't take action pictures so well but the kids love this ride. It's the Davinci Ride.

I had forgot my camera and my phone died at this point so I don't have pictures of the Jousting which I don't always get to see and I love but at least we got to see it. But because my phone died I lost Jammie and Mammy for the last half of the day, and having 3 kids there by myself was tiring but the kids were really good. I knew when we were suppose to meet at the jousting. We got the kids sat down and they were eating french fries. Ben ate all he wanted so Steve and I were eating what was left over and Ben got really mad and sad to Steve "Hay those aren't yours" and poor Steve got so embarrassed. and I had to tell Ben to be nice that if he was done eating them that Steve could have them if he wanted them and. I felt so bad sometimes I think I might have the rudest kids in the world.

When we got the to exit My phone had just enough Battery that I could take their pictures in the cut outs. I know it's cheesy, but I just Love it. Hailey's a monkey, Ben's a fairy only cause that's the only thing his head would reach.

Jacob the Painter, Hailey the monkey, Ben the fairy.

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